Parma goods warehousing


Logistics for your warehouse


Logistic Service takes care of the goods warehousing in Parma.
The warehousing and storage of goods are, of course, one of the most delicate phases related to the activities of any company.
Therefore, the rational and optimized management of the warehouse ensures efficiency and timeliness for the location and delivery of the goods. An orderly approach reduces any inconvenience due to delays, oversights or other critical situations that may happen.
The professionalism and experience gained in the integrated logistics sector allow us to support our customers in all phases of warehouse management and storage and warehousing operations. We also provide advisory services relating to the tax fulfillments necessary for the storage of goods.
Warehouse management for third parties

The management of third parties warehouse service is designed and activated always in full compliance with the needs of the customer company.
All activities are regulated by a special agreement on the goods warehouse which includes:
  • Receipt and control of the quantity and quality of the product
  • Storage of different types of materials on special pallet racking that allows the fast tracking of each single item
  • The presence of highly qualified and experienced staff handling goods, both palletized and unpacked
  • Computerized management by code, expiry date, type and weight of the products or any other indicator provided by the customer
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Logistics and warehouse management
Finally, we can also accept products that need storage in cold storage.