Parma Logistics and transport


Logistics for companies


Logistic Service deals with logistics and transport in Parma.
Our services are designed and proposed to promptly meet the business needs of our customers.
In fact, we are at your disposal to support you in optimizing the time and costs of organizing and managing production activities.

Integrated logistics takes care of all the phases: from purchasing to distribution, passing through production, to optimization through the coordination of resources, functions and infrastructures.
The competitiveness of companies, in the production logic of modern economic processes, is increasingly focused on the efficiency and rationalization of processes. Relying on a highly professionalized supply chain that works together with the production, means in fact, use at the best the available resources, creating further added value for the customer.

Our offer

Logistic Service offers its customers innovative, rational and successful integrated logistics solutions and ideas.
From storage to delivery
At the Logistic Service with the use of precise and quality operational standards, we follow the whole warehouse management process. Thanks to our professionalism, we can face any possible warehouse need and emergency.

We proceed following the steps below:

  • Warehousing and storage (even in cold store)
  • Preparation and order fulfillment
  • Deliveries and transport

Furthermore, our services are made according to operational processes established by specific internal regulations and consist of:

  • Specialized IT systems, to ensure the traceability of the product
  • Direct links with the IT system for checks and tests on the status of orders and stocks
  • Versatility and specialization for every type of customer need
  • Consultancy for micro-logistics projects