Parma Labeling of packages


Versatile logicistics for your warehouse


The timely fulfillment of orders is with no doubt one of the main elements that decide the success or failure of a business. The rational management of a warehouse, even through the labeling of packages in Parma and an effective product picking system accorded to the needs of the client, allow to get the full satisfaction of specific needs and to gain greater competitiveness.

Our excellent performances are based on quality and management costs: we can customize the software dedicated to the reorganization of stocks, customize the packaging operations with branded tape, label the packages and insert protective materials.
All this thanks to the versatility that has always distinguished our services.
The importance of picking

Logistic Service, a leading company in logistics services field, takes care of every aspect of the correct preparation and fulfillment of orders. In this sense, picking, together with storage and cataloging of packages, is one of the main strategic functions within logistics management.

To best accomplish our business we guarantee:
  • Care and speed in order fulfillment
  • Customized picking, assembly and packaging services for pallets or packages, both whole and split
  • Assembly of multi-product and single-product layered palletizations in compliance with the organized large-scale distribution laws
  • Packaging and labeling of each package through a modern fully automated line
  • Printing of paper and / or IT transport documents
  • Archiving and management of documents