LOGISTIC SERVICE, an Italian company specialized in national and international logistics and warehousing.

Parma Logistics Service

Logistics for your success

Logistic Service provides you with a professional, timely and integrated logistics service in Parma to meet your every need.


We provide integrated and computerized logistics services tailored to the customer’s needs, to meet all organizational and production needs. With the use of quality and precision operating standards we deal, in fact, with the storage, the preparation and the processing of orders, deliveries and transport.


We offer advice services related to the rational and optimized management of the warehouse.
Our third parties service provides the delivery of goods, the control of the quantity and quality of the product and the storage on special pallet racking.


We ensure accurate and timely management and fulfillment of orders through customized picking, assembly and packing services to pallets or to whole or split packages. We also guarantee single-product and multi-product stratified palletizations, packing of packages and the issue of paper and / or information technology transport documents.


We perform packaging and distribution of products for third parties.
Thanks to the systems and methods used, we can offer tailored and innovative packaging and enveloping solutions for every type of goods able to preserve their integrity but also to enhance their commercial value.


We always guarantee the quality of our services

HACCP System

Logistic Service is a company that operates under the control of the quality of services provided through the fulfillment of the HACCP protocol.


All of our warehouses are equipped with sophisticated security and alarm systems connected to the police headquarters.


We have an all-risk insurance coverage service, signed with some of the most important companies in the sector.

Contact us

For any information contact the number: 0521 606210

We offer the best services

Times, costs and quality are the three parameters on which we play this challenge. Logistic Service operates precisely to identify the needs of the market and to provide companies with alternative services in the name of maximum specialization and rationality.
Thanks to our professionalism we are able to offer all the guarantees of efficiency and functionality in the field of integrated logistics.

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